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 "Zaryana Bezu's doll-making workshop was one of the most creatively inspiring and therapeutic activities I've done in a long time."

As a master of the craft, Zaryana was able to lead the class in a great range of techniques to sculpt even the finest details of human features. She met all of the participants where they needed guidance, regardless of experience level, so that everyone left the class excited and happy with what they'd created. What made the experience so magical wasn't just the technical aspect of the class, but Zaryana's passion for human character, expression, and story in making individual dolls, which was contagious to all of us. It was a great joy to have such a teacher!

Cristin Calhoun, Columbus Ohio

" I left feeling like I had created a doll that was exactly what I needed."

The experience of making an art doll was healing and helped me to connect to myself. I wasn’t sure what I would make or if I would enjoy the process. I was amazed at how the doll developed from within me without struggle. I left feeling like I had created a doll that was exactly what I needed. Zaryana guided us gently through this self discovery and encouraged each student’s own journey. It was such great fun and a light hearted experience. I left with a beautiful moon goddess doll I had no idea I was capable of making.I would highly recommend Zaryana’s art doll workshops to anyone beginner and expert alike!

Celia Kahle, Clintonville Ohio

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